AGI Congress Mexico

24 – 27.09.2018

Special Project

Dear friends and colleagues,

Warm and affectionate greetings from Mexico.

The theme we propose for this year’s conference is ‘The other side’. In a time when the rhetoric of intolerance, bigotry and exclusion are gaining ground, we see this occasion as an invaluable opportunity to explore, with a unique group of talents, how the tools of design and graphic communication are capable of addressing these challenges. How do we visually articulate the language of inclusion, empathy and dialogue? Therefore, our Special Project is a book. It’s obvious: books are one of the most beautiful and effective mediums invented to contain and present information, emotions and ideas; books contain everything we know about ourselves and the universe-at-large. And so, this is an invitation to participate, by designing a double-page spread about what ‘The other side’ means to you. We think of this project as a beautiful collective exercise in visual and graphic poetry that explores all the possibilities of speaking, thinking, touching, living and coexisting with the ever-present other side.

If you’ve already decided ‘yes’ or your curiosity is piqued, you will find attached a file with the simple instructions to participate in the project and an idml file to use as template.

Either way, we send you a big hug, and we hope to see you in person this September in Mexico City.

Download the instructions

Download the idml template

Send your graphic poetry
Wait for the surprise



Reproduction rights
By submitting your work to the AGI Congress Mexico 2018 Special Project you agree to give the AGI Mexico 2018 organizing committee permission to reproduce the work in the accompanying exhibitions and publications. Your work may also be used by the AGI Mexico 2018 organizing committee online and in the Press in order to promote the AGI Congress/Open conferences for students and professionals that will take place in Mexico in September 2018.

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